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Appliance Repair Mt Pleasant Reviews

Mt. Pleasant Appliance Repair Review
"Thanks for the great service and for getting out to repair our washer on the same day! The laundry was piling up! I saved your number in case we have any more appliance issues! Thanks again Brett"
Review of Appliance Repair
Date published: 04/15/2016
4 / 5 stars

Appliance Repair Mt. Pleasant Review
"I was so afraid the leak from my refrigerator was going to ruin my new wood floor, thanks for getting here quick and taking care of the problem. Have your card filed away!"
Review of Wild Dunes Appliance Repair
Date published: 08/23/2015
4.5 / 5 stars

Appliance Repair Mt. Pleasant SC Review
"I use Appliance Repair Mt. Pleasant for my rental property repairs as well as for some of my minor repairs. They get to me fast and charge reasonably. They will also give me a fair evaluation of whether it is smarter to repair an appliance or look at replacing. I highly recommend this service!"
Review of Appliance Repair
Date published: 08/17/2013
4.3 / 5 stars

Appliance Repair Mt. Pleasant SC Review
"I can honestly say this guy offers the best service we have had since relocating to Mount Pleasant! We scheduled a service call last week because our refrigeraor stopped cooling correctly. The tech from Appliance Repair Mt Pleasant SC came within a few hours and diagnosed the problem in no time. In just a few hours time, he had our refrigerator running like new again! I will be useing their services again! I recommend Appliance Repair Mt Pleasant to everyone."
Appliance Repair Service in Mt. Pleasant
Date published: 10/17/2012
4 / 5 stars

Appliance Repair Mt. Pleasant SC Review
"I have a rental investment on Isle Of Palms and I used Appliance Repair Mt Pleasant SC to fix my GE refrigerator, my tenants were complaining that the freezer was cold but the fridge wasn't and afraid they were going to lose their food. The technician who came to do the repair was excellent. My tenants relayed that he showed up on time, exactly as scheduled, fixed the refridgerator right away and left the working area spotless. Our repair experience was easy. Once the technician found the problem he call me directly to tell me what the problem was, a burned out defrost heater, and how much it would cost. Within an hour the refrigerator was working properly and the tenants were satisfied. Thank you again."
Refrigerator repair Isle Of Palms
Date published: 09/19/2012
4.2 / 5 stars

"Nice to know you can trust someone"

Appliance Repair Mt. Pleasant SC Review
"I had recently moved here from Atlanta and my dryer was not operating correctly when my husband hooked it up in our new residence. I was under the suspision that the movers had damaged it during shipment. I called Appliance Repair Mt Pleasant SC out. They were prompt and fair. After checking it out for a bit, the technician pointed out that one of my electric breakers for the dryer had been thrown or was turned off. He turned it back on and everything went back to operating correctly.These guys had my dryer back on immediately and only charged their minimum service charge. It's nice to know you can get a break when things aren't going right. I would like to say thank you to Appliance Repair Mt Pleasant SC"
Appliance Repair Mt Pleasant Review
Date published: 01/04/2013
4 / 5 stars